I have had Darrel Kidd Pest Control, and his good employees, treat my restaurant for years now. I never once saw a roach or spider in my building…. Bill Howard, “Bills Hamburgers”

I’ve enjoyed using Darrel Kidd Pest Control for about ten years. We have no problem with brown recluse spiders or roaches. He also prevents us from having a mouse/rat problem in our feed store. Linn, owner of Champions Feed

We have heard nothing but good things about Darrel Kidd Pest Control. That is why we called them to treat our house for termites. Carolyn Longerot

“I bought a business a few years ago, and Darrel Kidd was treating for the former owner. He has done a great job for us ever since. We have no mice or roach problems. I recommend him for home or any commercial or industrial pest control.” Jeff Worden, Worden’s Meat Joplin MO

“My family had a very dangerous brown recluse infestation… so much so that we were seeing 3 to 5 during the course of every day. When I started noticing baby-sized recluses, I knew things were about to get even worse, so I called Darrel Kidd. He assured me he could help! After he sprayed a couple times, there was a noticeable reduction in the spiders we were seeing. After 2 months, the only recluses we ever saw were DEAD ones! Thanks Darrel for keeping my family safe!” Glendan Guttenfelder, Joplin M

I’ve known Darrel Kidd most of my life, and he has treated my families homes, and treats the warehouse where I work, for insects mice and termites. We have never and a problem at either since he started treatment. Dave Clark - Joplin

Darrel has treated my home for termites and taken care of other insects, plus treated my machine shop and offices. His treatments really work, no problems. Bill Barnard

We had Darrel Kidd Pest Control treat our home this spring for termites. The termite technician’s name is David and he has 12 years experience with Kidd Pest Control. This man was courteous, professional and very knowledgeable and on time. He really knows what he is doing. I highly recommend this company. Vince Hollaway